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Janmastami celebration 0
Janmastami celebration

Janmastami is the festival celebrated for two days in whole of india and the most important event celebrated during janmastami is the 'Dahi Handi'. As kids we have always heard the story of how naughty was lord krishna as a child and his love for butter (makhan) which he along with his friends used to steal from the handi. As the handis used to be kept at greater heights krishna with his friends would form a small pyramid and get the makhan down. This is the significance of celebrating dahi handi, this depicts the mischivious acts of lord krishna, reliving the pranks played by him. 

During the dahi handi celebration clay pots with curd, butter, and money are hung high up on the top and professionals make human pyramids and compete to break the pot. Did we really know that dahi handi celebration had a philosophical meaning to it too...the pot is believed to be the human ego or the sense of our body and mind identification, which is held back by dangles of the Sansar (the world). The things in the handi is the being which lord krishna breaks and releases it from the binding of the Sansar (world). This way, he reveals the real bliss of life, introducing one to their true self. We would have never thought of it this way but yes, the meaning to this festival is so true...every year so many groups participate in the competition and receive lord krishnas blessing. This festival in whole of india is celebrated with colours and pomp. Mumbai city is the best place to expereince the best part of this festival. A visit to the magnificent ISKCON temple is a must it lys on the tranquil beachside of Juhu and the experience of the visit there during this time is the best expereince. Mathura is a synonym for thesecelebrations as its the birthplace of Lord Krishna. This city in the northern part of India is a symbol of peace and harmony. The bright decoration and the display of scenes from lord krishnas life is beautiful. There and so many things happing in jaipur, vrindavan and mathura during janmastami that would surely make your Dahi Handi experience a memorable one.


                                (Dahi Handi Celebration in Mumbai)


(ISKCON Temple Juhu Mumbai)


(Mathura During Janmastami)

This year got a new change in the celebretion of dahi handi. As the news have been taking rolls the govement this year had some strinct rules applied for this celebration. Before the law was integrated kids below the age of 18 were participating in the dahi handi competitions and there were many who were injured during this. Now the govement has passed a new rule which disallows the participation of kids below the age of 18 in these competions and restricting the height of the human pyramid to 20 feet. This surely would see a new and a diffrent approach to this system. This janmastami, keeping in mind the safty for everyone and the children participating the desicion taken is great but surely would have no change in the joy and enthusisaum with which the festival is celebrated in whole of india.


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