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On the Occasion of Ramnavmi 0

RamNavami is celebrated as the birthday of Hindu god Shri Ramchandra. According to Hindu calendar the day is Chaitra Shukla Navami. In some regions, this day is also marked as the marriage day of Ram and Sita and popularly known as Kalyanotsavam. It is considered that Ram’s dynasty descended from the Sun(Raghukula), so the prayers on Ramnavmi start early in the morning with worshiping Sun first. In the afternoon, which is supposed to be Lord Ram’s birth time, special Poojas are performed across temples.
Poojas and rituals conducted include reading the Ramayana, by Pandits, and prayers and processions around the city.
Lord Ram is said to be the seventh avatar of god Vishnu at the end of Treta yug. He was born in Ayodhya, a place in today's Uttar Pradesh, India in the Family of King Raghu. His Father was King Dashratha and mother Kaushalya was eldest of three queens of Dashratha. During this festival, Ayodhya is decorated splendidly by Chariot processions (Rath yatras) and people costumed as Lord Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. The processions are followed by devotees, who sing along prayers and religious songs praising Lord Ram. Skits and drama are performed, portraying life story of Ram. Fireworks and funfair are added advantages and delight to devotees eyes.
It is said that the clan of King Raghu ruled their kingdom on the principal of " Pran jayi par wachan na jayi " ( The given word or promise by the King has to be fulfilled even at the cost of own life )
Lord Ram was known as Maryada Purushottam. He was very compassionate King. people loved and adored him. There was peace and happiness all around. His tenure as King is called Ram Rajya. He governed by rule of law.
To keep the promise of his father to her step mother Kaikeyi, he gifted his throne to his younger brother (kaikeyi's son ) Bharat , left everything and proceeded to forest to live as a wanderer. For 14 long years he roamed in the dense forests with his wife Seeta And younger brother Lakshaman. When evil Ravana kidnaped Seeta, he fought and killed Ravana. His life is celebrated as triumph of good over evil in India.
After completing 14 years, his home coming was celebrated in very grand manner by lighting thousands of lamps in his kingdom. Even today We celebrate the Festival of Lights in the name of Diwali.
Kavi Tulsidas has written about Lord Ram's life in ' Ram Charit Manas'. Kavi Valmiki has written "Ramayan" .
Indian Hindus worship Ram as an Ideal King, who lived his life with implacable honesty and fulfilled all his duties as a King and as a family man. He is revered as a humble King, who even took help of tools of monkeys when it was needed to fight with the evil Ravana.
People visit sacred pilgrims such as Ujjain, Rameshwaram, Ayodhya during this holy festival. People chant bhajans and slokas(Rama stotra) especially on this day because it is considered the fastest and simplest way to attain peace, wisdom and self discipline in life. Other activities during this festival include performing Akhand Ramayan Path at homes and temples, reading Sundarkand which takes hours and hours of involvement. Finally, people perform Poojas and distribute sweets(Prasad) to all the people who have gathered for these events.

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